Women's Boxers

Girls, it's time to stop raiding his underwear drawers and get yourself a pair of Women's boxers today - but maybe keep his hoodie for good measure.

Women's boxers are the perfect everyday staple. They're comfy and offer great coverage when you need it most, and to top it off, they hug your shape and complement your curves effortlessly. There’s no such thing as boxer shame when you’re wearing women’s boxers from Lounge.

Wear our Women's boxers as pyjama bottoms, and get ready for the best night's sleep of your life - with 92% bamboo fabrication, you'll be dreaming before your head hits the pillow.

Our Women's boxers are more than just comfortable; they're also perfect for your everyday commute, workout, or night out. Our versatile boxers allow for maximum coverage and comfort, whatever the day brings. Branded with a statement Lounge banner, they're an unmissable piece in every underwear drawer. Trust us when we say they're the comfiest bottoms you could ever wish for.

Check out our full range of colours and see why more and more women are choosing women’s boxer shorts. They’re not here to take part - our Women's boxers are here to take over.

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